Immanuel Lutheran School is a member of the Tampa Bay Christian Athletic League (TBCAL).

Tampa Bay Christian Athletic League is an athletic league established for the purpose of promoting fellowship, good sportsmanship and meaningful development of the students of our schools through athletic competition.

  1. Fellowship is developing unity among schools as we promote friendships out of our individual schools through respect and appreciation for others and their abilities.
  2. Good sportsmanship is required and all involved are to show respect for coaches, players, officials, and fans on and off the field or court. It is an appreciation of the contest itself regardless of the outcome or your ability to excel.
  3. Meaningful development of the student enables the athlete to reach his or her greatest potential through positive leadership by all adults.
  4. Each athletic director or school representative is responsible to make sure that any athletic event held at their school with begin with corporate prayer.

More information can be found on the Tampa Bay Christian Athletic League site at: